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Interested in knowing what's on offer? Here is a comprehensive overview of projects from C4GT 2022. 

Click on the project names below to learn more.

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UCI is an open source configurable platform to enable personalised chatbot communication across channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, email and more. The goal of this project is to enhance and upgrade a custom web channel for UCI, from a PoC to being production ready

Sunbird RC is an open source framework to build electronic registries, attestation capabilities and verifiable credentialing. X-Admin is a low-code framework to create internal admin tools for governance uses. This project's aim is creating an auto-generated registry management tool- X-Admin for Sunbird RC.

UCI is an open source configurable platform to enable personalised chatbot communication across channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, email and more. Signal is an open source messaging platform. This project will enable UCI to use signal frontends as a message distribution frontend.

OAuth2 Proxy is a reverse proxy & static file server that allows authentication using providers (eg. Google, GitHub) to validate accounts by email, domain or group. This creates stateless microservices that can be verified via a network layer. The goal is to add FusionAuth as a provider for GovTech products

Competency passbook is being conceptualised as a comprehensive student engagement & learning record. The goal is creation of competency ledger on a private blockchain network of schools for awarding badges and certificates to students to account for differences in learning levels.

Currently Admin consoles are being used as frontend interfaces by state department cells for configuring system settings such as defining master codes, mapping between entities, setting up projects, define start date, end date etc. This project is aimed at creating a PoC for auto-generation of X-admin through amplication

Tech has moved processes like teacher transfer, cash transfer, etc. online. These are workflows. This project's aim is to enable GovTech workflows like If This Then That, escalations, alerts to be configured & run via a combination of open source products - n8n (workflow builder) & temporal (runner).

While there is a lot of government data available, it’s not easy to use data to good effect. The aim of this project is to build a platform that can be used by anyone to train models from data sets, experiment between different models, deploy the better performing one and monitor the performance in production.

Across sectors, citizens engage with multiple types of URLs frequently - eg. students accessing online learning content, officials seeking inputs from subordinates via a survey, etc. The aim of this project is to shorten, customise and track government URLs for enhanced user centricity and drive usage

Most government workflows end up with a document that highlights the key metrics that officers should take actions on. The aim of this project is to create a plugin-based service that will help in generating reports, docs, pdfs, from various data sources and in any required format and layout.

In Shiksha, deployers are able to create adapters which enable the middleware to connect to the deployer's backend. Within the adapter, deployers will map their own data schema to that of Shiksha. This project aims to create a reference adapter which can interact with a Postgres database.

As Shiksha starts getting deployed, apart from the core functionalities, there would be non-functional requirements like creating landing pages, welcome screens and content pages. The aim of this project is to create a content pages & announcements management admin for deployers of Shiksha

The aim of Shiksha is to make highly configurable modules which can be embedded and extended easily by developers in any of their application and used standalone by providing data points to it. The goal of this project is to enhance and upgrade the structural architecture of the repository

Shiksha's mission is to empower the government school education system with edtech products that have delightful and dependable user experiences. This project's aim is to create a design system for Shiksha Frontend so that it enables reusability.

Sunbird inQuiry is a building block, open sourced under MIT license, that enables setting up of question banks for practice, assessment, quiz, worksheet etc.The aim of this project is to enable shuffling of answers to increase learning efficacy and more than one correct answer for multiple choice questions

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