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Community Building Program

The C4GT Community Building Program is 

is dedicated to building a sustainable ecosystem around Digital Public Goods. 


It provides a platform where DPG organizations can articulate their vast problem statements; and engage with a vibrant community of contributors eager to solve these problems. Our goal is to facilitate long-term collaboration and innovation within the fast-evolving DPG ecosystem.

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C4GT Values






Impact Orientation

DPG Community Toolkit

This enables DPG organizations to improve their readiness for community contribution and open-source contributors in assessing products to enhance their contribution experience.

DPG Contribution Readiness Framework

This template enables the standardization of issue tickets and enables ease of discovery by open-source contributors. 

DPG Issue Template

This system aims to encourage maximum community contribution to the DPG/DPI ecosystem by providing different rewards via DPG points. 

DPG Points System

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